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During 2021 the team at SP Consultancy were tasked with renovating an old, tired and unloved garden space. The entire build space available was 200 squared meters.

Suman, his team, and the client deliberated and discussed the needs, requirements and best uses for the garden space. After talk about what the space could be used for, it was decided that as the property was a family home, the space is best to be used for both recreation and storage to help expand the families life beyond the original house!

The extension, or outbuilding was constructed to become space for a personal, at-home gym for the family to use. With the growing demands and popularity for at home workouts and a safe space to begin the journey of fitness, it was a no brainer for the family to want a personal fitness studio. The space can also be used as summer storage for family BBQs with ample storage for outdoor furnishings. With the newly landscaped garden, it's yearning to be used an entertaining space, a place to be able to hold family reunions, parties, celebrations of all kinds. Having a place to safely store BBQ's, furniture and more is essential.

Along with the newly constructed extension, the garden was landscaped with a mix of beautiful, rich green Dwarf Ryegrass and Slender Creeping Red Fescue. The reason for this is due to the Ryegrass' durable, hard wearing and fast recovering properties - making it perfect for an active and growing family. And the Red Fescues ability to quickly take root and hold into the ground - making it a perfect seed for a newly developed garden.

Have a look at the photos below to see what we have created!

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